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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Meow Wolf Scrappies bags

Many of the projects that I work on for Meow Wolf incorporate custom printed fabrics produced through Spoonflower. Depending on how many prototypes or samples I end up making with those fabrics, I always have some material left over. The projects have added up and I've been sitting on a good amount of material that I could only use with Meow Wolf projects. I pitched them making some little bags using the leftover fabric and they were into it.

I came up with a simple but interesting zippered bag shape that could hold pencils, make-up or whatever. The fun thing for me about sewing together these bags is that I get to mix and match all the fabrics so each bag is unique. The fabric are leftovers from such projects as Plotzo the rat, the Fridge Portal Backpack, Bearret, Fig Sloth and some soon to be releases concepts as well.


I'll keep making the bags as long as I have various leftover fabrics. They are currently only available in the gift stores at the various Meow Wolf locations.

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