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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Kitty Sweet Tooth plush toy

 Kitty Sweet Tooth is a graphic novel for young readers about the silly adventures of Kitty Sweet Tooth, who as her name implies loves desserts! Written by Abby Denson and illustrated by Utomaru, the book was released this spring.

The editor Robyn Chapman commissioned me to make a plush version of Kitty Sweet Tooth as a gift for the creators.

I took reference images of Kitty from throughout the book and figured out a simple pose and facial expression for the plush toy version.

Her face is a combination of appliquéd fabric and machine embroidery. She is about 12 inches tall from her cute shoes to her ears. Her body is made out of plush minky fabric and her dress is cotton knit fabric with a heart embroidered on it. 

 There is nothing better than reading a book while cuddling with the main character by your side.



While the plush versions were just for the creators, you can still check out the book and join Kitty Sweet Tooth on her adventures!

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

TrevyMetal's Green Meanie monster plush

After seeing some of my plush designs at Meow Wolf, the artist TrevyMetal got in contact with me to create a plush out of his Green Meanie monster character.



The process of creating this plush started with TrevyMetal sharing an illustration of his Green Meanie character. He also shared some great reference of similar existing products that he liked, that helped me visualize what he would like to see with his character turned into plush.

From his drawing, I made my own sketch of the front and back. Making my own drawing helps me think of how the flat drawing will be built into a 3D shape made of multiple pattern pieces. The Green Meanie has some interesting facial features that needed to be shaped out like the folds in its nose bridge, the pushed out eyelids, the flared mustache and the muzzle shape. I made various versions out of muslin, going back and forth tweaking paper pattern pieces and sewing up sample variations until it looked good. Then I made a full plush fabric version for TrevyMetal and sent it to him in person. Once he could feel it, he had a couple more adjustments. I included those in the next sample and then the Green Meanie plush was officially created.

I made a limited edition run of just 25 pieces with a custom embroidered logo, which sold out quickly as there are some big TrevyMetal fans out there.