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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cyberteens in Love

I have warm feelings of nostalgia for the movie Hackers, even though I know it's not that great of a movie. It shows a world where hackers are cool teens who wear crazy outfits, spraypaint their computers and rollerblade through New York. I love how it tries to make hacking and the '90s internet look more interesting and interactive than it was.

I found out about a movie called Cyberteens in Love recently, but I haven't found much more than this clip. The clip does have superimposed over it. I checked out the site and they don't mention anything about Cyberteens in Love.  The IMDB has just the basic information plus a terrible review. Well I love terrible movies and I love dated projections of the future so I really want to find this movie.

If anyone knows about this movie and a way to find a copy, please let me know!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Frog Pond Pillowcases

For this past Christmas, I made two pillowcases using this cute frog pond printed fabric for a present.

Pillowcases are pretty simple to construct, just rectangles of fabric sewn together. I didn't have enough of the frog fabric to make two complete cases, so I made the main part out of white cotton with the print as a detail. I added green piping between the print and the white, plus lined the back of the frog fabric so that the print would be easier to see since it was a little transparent. A fun way to incorporate cute cotton fabric into everyday use.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Webbigail the Cat

This is my cat, Webbigail aka Webby. She is named after a cartoon duck, but she has very furry paws that almost looked webbed. She is a great cat who was shy at first but now rules the house plus she gets along well with Patty the rabbit. My other cat Nibs unfortunately died of FIP last year, which was traumatic and terrible but Webby is helping me get over it by being a total spazz.