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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Purple Horned Lizard Mascot

I got a custom request on etsy to make a purple version of my Horned Lizard plush toy. The customer wanted it as a gift for her daughter who attends Texas Christian University and their mascot is a purple and white Horned Frog, which looks a lot like a horned lizard. I don't follow college sports, but my favorite color is purple so it was super fun making a purple version of my horny toad design.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Custom Puppet

Recently, a friend of Alec's commissioned me to make a muppet style puppet for his 6 year old son. I was given a lot of creative control over the project with the main perimeter being that it needed to look like a muppet monster version of his son. It's always fun building new things and luckily Alec is a super huge Muppets fan so he has a ton of great resource books like: Of Muppets and Men, Jim Henson The Works, and The Art of the Muppets.

There are tons of different ways to make puppets of course. You can just build it out of foam, but I decided to make a foam body then cover it with a plush skin. This let me be messier with the foam since I knew I would cover over any inconsistencies with nice fabric skin. Since getting your hand into the muppet is the most important shaping part, that's where I began,  building out from the interior shape.

I made two removable rods to manipulate the arms, so you can get a lot of different poses with this guy.