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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Rocky Crocodile plush toy

Rocky Crocodile is the latest addition to my plush toy menagerie. One of my inspirations was the book, The Enormous Crocodile by Quentin Blake. I love the sneaky crocodile who is trying to eat kids. Rocky is a much sweeter crocodile who would rather play with kids than eat them.

This is a super fun pattern to play around with using different fabric patterns and textures. I really like the chenille on the top body creating a neat fluffy texture. In the pattern, it's optional to add some plastic pellets inside the legs but it gives them a nice floppy feel.  I also enjoyed using felt for the spikes and claws, it gives a sharper look but then it's reinforced with a stitched line for extra durability.

The pattern is available in my store or on etsy.