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Monday, April 21, 2014

Make your own DNA scarf at Sticky Art Lab

 UPDATE 4/25/14: Unfortunately the DNA Scarf workshop is cancelled but you should still check out Sticky Art Lab, it's a great place to get creative.

This Saturday, April 26 at Sticky Art Lab in Berkeley, I'll be leading a workshop to make a scarf inspired by the structure of DNA. You'll get to pick out the colors from a rainbow of fleece fabrics and sew together the shapes in a specific pattern that matches DNA pairs.

I previously made this knitted DNA scarf, but I needed to simplify so that kids could make it. Even beginning knitting takes awhile so I went with constructing it from easy to use fleece fabric. Here's the sample I made. Come join me if you're interested, the workshop is open to all ages 8 and up.

For more info check out the Sticky Art lab site.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fiesta Dress Sketches

I'm going to make a new dress for my wedding party this September and I'm currently inspired by 1950's Fiesta Dresses. Here's the first couple of sketches, I'm sure I'll be doing more before I decide on a final design.

Collage image credits (clockwise from left to right): Turquoise Dress, Pattern 1, Red Top, Brown Dress, Cream & Black Top, Pattern 2

Friday, April 4, 2014

Twin Beaks

I love Twin Peaks and I recently re-watched the series. I also love a puns, good or bad, so put that all together and I was inspired to paint this watercolor. The owls are not what they seem.