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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Snaggy Plush Toy for Meow Wolf

Along with the Snaggy Head, I also worked on creating a full body Snaggy toy designed by Emily Montoya. I made a limited run of 20 pieces, but this one is also in development for getting mass produced for the Meow Wolf store.

Snaggy is about 14 inches high, made of long black polyester faux fur. It has some plastic beans in the body so it can sit, and the arms are floppy enough to pose into different positions.

 For the arms and legs, Emily had a very specific striped gradient design in mind. I knew I couldn't find the pattern as preexisting fabric, so I took her pattern file and had it custom printed by Spoonflower. This was my first experience getting fabric printed from them. Spoonflower has come a long way with all the material options since I first remember hearing about them many years ago. I got Emily's stripe and gradient pattern printed onto a polyester knit they call Performance Knit. It has a little bit of stretch but not too much which is perfect for assembling the limbs. I was really impressed by how vibrant the printed fabric came out.

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