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Friday, March 18, 2016

Meow Wolf plush toy

I just finished working on a custom plush Cat Wolf toy for the shop at the Meow Wolf Art Complex. I worked with my friend and Meow Wolf collective member Emily Montoya on coming up with the design. Her concept was a Cat and Wolf that got twisted together through a space portal.

The Meow Wolf Art Complex grand opening is this weekend, March 17-20, 2016. There is a limited number of Cat Wolf plush toys available in their shop, so go check it out!

For most of my plush designs, I sketch three views to get started on shaping the plush pattern pieces. Since this one was asymmetrical with the wolf and cat being twisted together, I should have done both side views. Luckily, the front view was enough to figure out the color blocking of the two animals becoming one.

There wasn't an existing Meow Wolf Cat Wolf character,  Emily came up with this concept but the colors weren't completely decided on yet. I sketched a couple different color combinations, and ultimately Emily liked it in black and white.
At the end of last year, I bought an embroidery machine and it really came in handy to create the faces for the Cat Wolf.  The finished toy is about 12 inches tall.


  1. If you ever do another run my daughter is absolutely crying for a meow wolf plush. Ha ha.

  2. Hi Claire, this is amazing. I saw these at Meow Wolf and am curious as to if you manufactured all of them or if you know who did?

    1. I made the first limited edition run, they are now mass manufactured. I'm not sure the company that is making them now.

  3. Is that like a prototype? Because the one I got is like really fat and the tail is shorter.

  4. Yes, this is the prototype I developed. The mass produced version that's available in the meow wolf store is based on this pattern but with sewing plush each one is a little different, that's my guess on why yours is really fat with a shorter tail.