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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wedding Flag

This past weekend in Oakland, CA my friends Kettner and Lacy got married. They had a carnival themed wedding with lots of fun activities and a bounce house! To announce when the ceremony started their best person blew a horn, and they had a flag bearer lead the wedding party to the scenic outlook where the marriage ceremony took place.

Nishat, the flag bearer
Kettner and Lacy had asked me to make a flag that represented them. They chose the design with the specific elements and I sewed in all together. Lacy is into health and fitness, as represented by the kale leaf and barbell. Kettner is a cartoonist represented by the pencil and brush and they both love coffee!

Since this flag would be waved around, I needed to figure out how to make the elements appear cleanly on both sides. I flat fell seamed the red and white stripes to the body of the flag so the seams would be nice and hidden. To make the images appear on both sides I first cut out the specific shape for one side (like the heart), then just put a square of red on the other side so the zig zag appliqué stitch would catch it. Then I trimmed the wrong side to make the identical shape from the right side. I knew that if I just cut identical shapes for both sides that I wouldn't perfectly catch them with the stitches. This method left some room for error, even though I had to carefully cut out the shapes on the back side. For my first large scale flag, I think it came out great and I'm very happy that I could contribute something to their awesome celebration.

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