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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yarn Christmas Wreath

It doesn't get very cold in the San Francisco Bay area so it's hard to make it feel like Christmastime, at least to me. I usually go home to my parents in New Mexico for the holidays, but this year I'm staying home. On a whim while watching a movie I came up with a use for some light green yarn I had. The yarn has thick nubs in it and it too thick for most of my knitting needles, but I thought I could turn the texture into something neat.

I started by using a light white yarn to crochet the nubby yarn into a more compressed shape. I used all the nubby yarn just in case I want to take the wreath apart in the future.

When all the nubby yarn was bunched up I further crocheted it to create the round shape. I was out of wire but I had a bunch of zip ties that I though would help create the round shape, they helped but weren't rigid enough. The crocheting is haphazard as it's on the back and won't be seen.

After all the yarn was bunch into a defined circle, I cut out a backing of cardboard and attached it to that to make it rigid.

I added a bright red satin bow and hung it on our front door. If you look really close, Logray the Ewok is hiding in the peephole.

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