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Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Wedding Dress

Alec & Claire

Alec and I got married last month! Luckily I had enough time to make my own wedding dress. I used a variation of the the dia de los muertos dress pattern that I made a couple years ago because I knew it fit me well. Since I was married in the winter I added long sleeves. I also really wanted a collar, so I added a peter pan style flat collar.

I'm a non-traditional lady who loves color, so making a white wedding dress wasn't really considered. I had been thinking about making it in a rich purple velvet, but I ended up finding this great printed fabric at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.

I picked out a cranberry velveteen for the trim details. Finding a good color match for the trim to fit with the print was a challenge (the materials photo doesn't show it well, but it does match) and I ended up with a pretty thick velveteen. To make sure the collar and cuffs weren't too bulky I found a cranberry polyester shantung to create a lighter facing. I also made Alec a matching tie using the same shantung fabric, the velveteen was just too thick.  The pink petticoat I made was created to give this dress a little more lift in the skirt, and to coordinate withe the pink flowers in the dress.

There are two pockets hidden in the side seams, because I like to be able to carry my own things even without a purse. I know that it's very non-traditional and doesn't give off much of a wedding vibe but it's very special to me. Plus since I'm so practical I can wear it again in the future for other special occasions.

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