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Thursday, July 12, 2012

State Animals

I updated the about section of the site (slightly) since I moved.  To make it fun,  I made some new illustrations containing the insect, bird and flower from each state that I've lived in.

New Mexico, my home state, has some awesome animals and plants choices with the Roadrunner,  Tarantula Hawk Wasp and Yucca.  Roadrunner's do eat Tarantula hawk wasps so it's mildly accurate,  especially with the drool.

New York is definitely all-American with the the Bluebird, Ladybug and Rose. I didn't see any ladybugs riding bluebirds while I was living there but I'm sure it happens all the time.

Illinois has some classy choices with the Cardinal, Dooryard Violet,  and Monarch Butterfly.

California really wants to make sure you know that every one of its choices is truly theirs,  so they all have California in the name.  Bird:  California Valley Quail  Insect:  California Dogface Butterfly  Flower:  California Poppy

I'm not sure if I ever saw a Hermit Thrush while in Vermont,  but I definitely saw lots of Red Clover and ate lots of honey courtesy of the European honey bees.


  1. Whoa, no love for PA? You lived there for a minute, right?

  2. I'm not sure if a 2 month summer internship counts as living in a state.