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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Plush Bloodhound Pup

For my dad's birthday this week, I made him a plush version of his dog Nina, a Bloodhound.  I wanted to create a simplified soft version that was more stylized than super realistic.

Nina as a puppy

This the main sketch that I worked off of,  I didn't really figure how to show the folds around her face until I was working them in fabric.  Bloodhounds have very loose skin around their face and neck. It was difficult creating the underlying shape and still getting the feel of loose folds.  I chose to just make two main folds on the side of the face that taper into the neck to create the depth of eyes and the loose neck shape.

The face was a breeze compared to figuring out the back leg shape.  I went through so many versions before I got to a folded up back leg that looked right.  I didn't take any photos showing the scale before I shipped it off to my dad, but this is a small one about 12 inches long from nose to tail.

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