Monday, September 2, 2013

Alec's Kickstarter video for Basewood

My husband Alec is in the middle of his kickstarter campaign to get his graphic novel Basewood professionally printed. I helped him create the video for the campaign. Alec had a very specific idea of what he wanted for the video. Even though it's short he even did a rough storyboard to make it very clear to me what he wanted. He created the animation of his issues of Phase 7 popping up at beginning but I filmed and edited the rest. The great music was specifically composed for this project by his friend Andy Hentz.

One of the rewards that Alec has offered is a letterpress print of one of his panels that he is adding watercolor to. We also made a video to show that process, sped up of course.

Alec has worked incredibly hard to create this comic. It took over 7 years just to draw. The professionally printed version will be a beautiful book, so it's a great project to support. This is the project that he grew his hair and beard out while drawing. He took a photo everyday during that process and I created a video for that as well: Basewood Beard.

 I you're reading this between August 29 and September 28, 2013 the kickstarter is still going on. Support it Now: Basewood Kickstarter. Thanks!

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